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Since 1973, Daily Thermetrics has been a leader in providing precise instrumentation for temperature measurement in processing industries, reactors, regenerators, and fractionation columns. Recognized for quality and the ability to meet the rigorous demands of our customers, they possess patented and exclusive technologies for temperature measurement, establishing ourselves as a global supplier of thermal instrumentation for clients around the world. In various processing industries, Daily Thermetrics has empowered operators with extensive process control tools, thanks to our cutting-edge technological solutions in temperature measurement.

The keyword in their quality program is traceability. Every step, from the acquisition of raw materials to the manufacturing and testing phases, is completely traceable. The manufacturing facility, spanning 62,000 square feet, is fully climate-controlled to ensure the production of high-quality thermocouples and RTDs.

Since 2022, to establish a presence in the Brazilian market, Daily Thermetrics has partnered with Alutal.

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