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CXFU-K Series

An innovative project and capable of increase durability in 4 times more compared to common thermocouples. The Thermocouple Alutal to smokebox, developed by our application engineering department, has support and technical evidence in the field, thus ensuring the quality of your process, and reducing their costs.

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The product

SAFTEMP – Sapphire Protection Sensor

The protection of sensor with encapsulation sapphire – SAFTEMP of Alutal ensures high resistance to temperature due to its optical transparency and no porosity. With excellent electrical insulation properties and numerous applications, sapphire extends greatly the life of the sensors as compared to conventional ceramic protections.

SAFTEMP and check out more advantages:

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technical diagrams
Série CXFU-K

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Bitola


“U” (mm)

“N” (mm)
CXFU-K 08 – 8 AWG

14 – 14 AWG
Especificar Especificar RBC – Certificado RBC

em 3 pontos

Prefix Thermocouple Gauge  “U” Length (mm) “N” Length (mm) Options
CXFU-K 08 – 8 AWG
14 – 14 AWG
To specify To specify RBC – RBC Certificate
3 points


Energetically self-sustainable


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