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Série APTAKE - K

In the process of APTAKE temperatures can reach up to 1100 ° C, with a circulation of suspended particles at high speed. Thermocouples in this series are specially designed with constructive characteristics predicting these adverse conditions.

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The product

SAFTEMP – Sapphire Sensor Protection 

The protection of sensor with sapphire encapsulation – SAFTEMP of Alutal ensures high resistance to temperature due to its optical transparency and no porosity. With excellent electro-insulating properties and numerous applications, sapphire extends greatly the life of the sensors as compared to conventional ceramic protections.

Ask about the option of this series with SAFTEMP protection and check out more advantages:

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technical diagrams
Série APTAKE - K

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Proteção Metálica Comprimento

Sensor (mm)
Cabo Comprimento

Cabo (mm)
APTAK-K 310 – Aço Inox 310

446 – Aço Cromo 446

710 – Tubo Cerâmico
Especificar FF – Fibra x Fibra,Bitola 2 x 24 AWG

SF – Em Silicone x Fibra de Vidro,

Bitola 2 x 18 AWG

FF – Fibra Cerâmica x Fibra Cerâmica,

Bitola 2 x 24 AWG
Especificar RBC – Certificado de calibração

em 3 pontos

CCG – Conector cerâmico polarizado

macho grande

Prefix Metal Protection Sensor Length (mm) Cable Cable Length (mm) Options
APTAK-K 310 – Stainless steel 310

446 – Chrome Steel 446

710 – Ceramic Tube

To specify FF – Fiber x Fiber, Bitola 2 x 24 AWG

SF – In Silicon x Fiberglass,
Bitola 2 x 18 AWG

FF – x Ceramic Fiber Ceramic Fiber,
Bitola 2 x 24 AWG

To specify RBC – calibration certificate
3 points

CCG – polarized ceramic connector
large male


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