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10 - Ceramic Protection Tube

The tubes are closed at one end and the other attached to a metallic sleeve with thread for adaptation to the head used , usually in processes involving temperatures above 1200 ° C or where one can not use a metal tube .

They are available in diameters of 10, 15 , 20 and 24 mm are normally used materials below:
T Máxima
610 (60% de alumina)
1600 °C
Porous material , good mechanical strength , good thermal conductivity , sensitive to thermal shock.

710 (99,7% de alumina)
1800 °C
non-porous , mechanical strength and thermal conductivity higher than 610 type , sensitive to thermal shock.
Silicon carbide
1500 °C
highly porous, low mechanical strength , high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistant .
Silicon carbide Recrystallized
1650 °C
Good resistance to acids and alkalis, recommended for use in neutral atmospheres , widely used in aluminum smelting , copper, etc.
Silicon nitride (Silon )
1200 °C
Resistance to thermal shock , high hardness break, good temperature conductivity , low thermal expansion , good oxidation resistance , used in casting non-ferrous metals.
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