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Thermocouple Wires for extension and compensation are  thermocouples, whose function , as well as conducting the signal generated by the sensor , is to compensate for the existing temperature gradients between the reference junction sensor and instrument terminals.

Wires are constituted by a solid shaft and cables those formed by a bundle of smaller gauge conductors , forming a flexible conductor .

Wires and extension cords

Thermoelectric couples are equal to the alloys used in the thermocouple temperature measuring process .

Wires and compensating cables

Thermoelectric couples are those with different alloys that constitute the thermocouple, but have a thermoelectric performance very close to the thermocouple, the temperature range in which it will work . Typically used for noble thermocouples ( R, S and B types) .

Thermocouples starting wires / Extension cables

The wires and extension cords can be used as less expensive thermocouples, despite having the same alloy thermocouples , are less expensive because the temperature limitation can be subjected , for its chemical composition is not so homogeneous as the thermocouple.

Cable insulation mineral used as extension cable

There are specific applications where due to harsh environmental conditions such as temperature , humidity , mechanical strength , etc. , can not be applied extension cables and compensation with insulations "traditional" . In these cases , the use of mineral insulated cable as extension cable is recommended that meet the requirements of the operating environment , with long service life, also eliminating up the need for use of conduits.
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