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Fermenter anti-foam vessels

Fermenter anti-foam vessels

Continuous Liquid level measurement of fermenter anti-foam vessels.


The customer required continuous, reliable/repeatable level measurement in 2 x anti foam vessels to ensure that the anti-foam level was maintained correctly to support the upstream fermentation process. Each vessel is only 300mm diameter and 1200mm in height, with a bottom, centrally mounted, agitator 600mm in height. The required vessel entry is a (fairly unusual) side mounted DN25 DIN 2633 connection.


Magnetrol manufactured probes with the required DIN 2633 flanges, bent at 90 degrees (see pictures) that (as with all their hygienic GWR) could be separated from the flange assembly and reassembled once the probe is inserted into the vessel.

After the simple installation procedure, the Magnetrol probes were quickly commissioned using Pactware configuration software. Simple configuration changes allowed us to reliably and repeatedly measure the anti-foam level whilst completely ignoring the 90 degree bend in our probe and the influence of the agitator and vessel wall-both less than 25mm from the probes.

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